The Coffin Dancer–Jeffrey Deaver

I’m moving to Vancouver soon, so I figure that I would get all of my heavy books out of the way so that I can take all my paperbacks and make a light trip of it. This is a, literally, heavy book.

The plot of this is three people see something in their privately owned aircraft hangar that they shouldn’t have seen. (Some guy dumping something in the river outside from one of their helicopters.)

Then the guy orders a hit on all three people so that his story remains covered. Lincoln Rhyme is trying to save these people. (He’s one of Deavers main characters he writes about, he’s a consultant for the police and FBI, and he’s a paraplegic.)

The Coffin Dancer is the hit man and he has a tattoo of a woman dancing with death inside of a coffin on his arm.

I really liked this book. Deaver always tells a good story and then flips you on your ass at the end. (This did not disappoint.)

Love a good mystery! (This one I did not solve and was confused for a while, but I grasped it at the end.)

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