The Greenies–Myra Paperny

This book was a lovely surprise on my reading list! As you know, I have my books in order of how I want to read them on my book shelf so that I’m not overwhelmed with too much of the same writer, genre or too many heavy books in a row. (Literally heavy, I mean. My poor hands just aren’t what they use to be.)

The Greenies was something that I had picked up at a library book sale and thought that it would be good to read after Jeffrey Deavers book since that book was heavy and this one is pretty thin. I figured I would whip through it and it would be great.

I failed to read the back of the book when I started it and found that I was in the middle of a Holocaust book.

They didn’t describe much of the Holocaust, it was all about how the people from the concentration camps came over to Canada and the process of trying to fit in with the locals. Most of it consisted of never being allowed to talk about what they went through at all, ever, because it would be upsetting to them. (Note that this is fiction based on the immigrants from the camps. Not actual stories from people.)

It was really well written, nothing to graphic or anything, and Myra told their story in a sweet way that left you thinking. I really liked it just because of the one character that was outspoken and didn’t want to hide her past.

I’m not 100% sure that I liked the way it ended, it was kind of abrupt, but oh well. The rest of the book was pretty great.

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