Seven Up–Janet Evanovich

I love these books. Brooooken record! (I was singing that to you in case we’ve never met so you don’t know that I sing everything and that I ramble incessantly so that my sentences are no longer proper and my eighth grade teacher would be so annoyed that there is no punctuation in this sentence besides the upcoming period. Bam. Have I mentioned I’m insane?)

Okay. These are so funny. Half the time I don’t even remember what they are about after I’ve read them, but I know that I genuinely like the characters and the stories are interesting while I’m reading it.

This book is about an old retired mob guy who is smuggling some cigarettes. Or so it seems. Somehow Stephanies friends from high school (Dougie and Mooner) get involved with this and Dougie goes missing. (Kidnapping is thought to be the cause.)

This story has so many flips and turns it’ll keep you interested.

It was so good that I bought the next four! Worth the read, not just this one, but the whole series.

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