Last Night at Chateau Marmont–Lauren Wiesberger

This book was just the dummy mush-brain book I needed. It’s about a nutritionist who is working two jobs in order to support her husband in his dream to make it as a professional singer/songwriter.

When his dreams come true their lives are thrown into a whirlwind of concerts, tabloid lies, and interesting ‘happenings’ with random celebrities. (Jon Bon Jovi makes an appearance, which made me laugh.)

If you are looking for a book that is simple, this is it. It’s nothing magnificent, but it was nice enough after the supremely dry Anna Karenina.

It’s especially good for the chaos of the holiday season since it would just be plain old nuts to get into a heavy book this time of year. (I made that mistake with Anna.)


**Please note: I was reading this book around Christmas.

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