Midnight Sons–Debbie Macomber

I always expect Debbie Macomber to be like Jude Deveraux just because they are in the same genre. And I’m always surprised when she’s not, which is ridiculous and insane of me since I’ve read plenty of Judes and not a lot of Debbies.

This book is about a town in Alaska (aptly named Hard Luck) and they are desperately seeking some ladies to add to the town. Most of the place is men that are single and bored. They need a little love and companionship that doesn’t come in the form of fellow pilots.

So they hatch a scheme to get some women to come and work at certain places in the town that are female friendly (ie. Library, the airport, the school and the nurses office. Yes, semi-sexist, but this was written in the early nineties I think, which really shouldn’t be an excuse, but the genre was different back then.) and hopefully they will be able to pair up and have some fun.

Naturally, the plan goes awry and people get mad, hurt, and down right aggravated. It was funny and cute and just what I needed because my brain has switched itself off for the holidays due to lack of sleep and too many people hovering around me. It was easy and nice, and thankfully they were two short stories in them that mingled with each other.

I liked the characters and even though it wasn’t a Christmas story like I was thinking it would be, it was still okay.

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