My Apology To Diane Keaton

Something weird happened last night. I was reading along, minding my own business, when out of nowhere a fact came up in the book. I’m reading Diane Keaton’s biography about her and her mother (Then Again) so this isn’t supposed to be a surprise that there are facts in there.

The weird part isn’t the fact (it was about her crush on Warren Beatty when she was a teen and then I remembered that she dated him in real life eventually). The weird part is that I questioned the book. I thought to myself “Well, that can’t be accurate. I’m going to Google it.” I set down the book, picked up my computer and then was struck by the sin I just committed.

How could I question a book?! Why would I think that Diane Keaton would ever lie to me?! She seems like the kind of person who would value her fans and try to be as honest as possible. Why would I think that it’s acceptable to question the validity of her words and think that Google/Wikipedia/IMDB would be more accurate than the woman herself? THE BOOK ITSELF?!

I’ve never questioned a books integrity before and I’m ashamed that I did with Madame Keatons. Sure, I’ve fact checked some historical romances, some random facts about people, but never before have I really thought to myself when reading “Well, that can’t be accurate.” and looked it up for the sake of furrowing out a lie or falsification of memory.

I’ve looked things up just to get more history on things that were mentioned, not to become less myself and more a computer drone.

I feel like I owe her an apology or something. So here it is: I am so sorry I questioned your story and thought that Google would remember your life better than you yourself Diane. I’ll try better to think next time.

This is why I always say Constant vigilance!


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