To The Nines–Janet Evanovich

This book was about Stephanie Plum, the bounty hunter, and searching for a missing person. Vinnie, her boss and cousin, has lost a Visa bond person and needs Steph’s help to find them. And Rangers. (Whoohoo! I love Ranger. Ranger gives me hot flashes. Haha. Although, Morelli makes me fan myself like a damsel in distress.)

This somehow leads to several people getting killed, Stephanie being in several close calls herself when it comes to almost dying, and tons of action sequences featuring: sex, gun fights, and a labour.

Janet is at her best with this one, I really liked it and I can’t get enough of these books. I especially love that she keeps Lula in the loop and the girls get to go to Vegas in this one in search of the guy who took off.

Easy read, keeps you captivated, and just plain old fun.

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