The Trouble With Shakespeare

Currently reading Hamlet, that’s right. Hamlet. And yes, I’ve been getting weird looks in cafes and parks and from people who just walk into my room and look through my stuff. (That really did happen on the weekend.)

Apparently it’s not socially acceptable to read Hamlet past high school. Well here’s what I say to you about that: Bite me! I do what I want!

Plus somehow I managed to bypass Hamlet completely in high school. Probably because I was too busy reading Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings a million times that when I was assigned the book I said to myself that I’d get to it when I could and just never did.

Now, what I would like to know right now is: What is everyones problem with Shakespeare? I love him! His words are beautiful and melodic, his stories are wonderful and lovely and insane and magical. So what in the crap is the problem with reading it when you are 26 years old and not in any school-type atmosphere???

I guess I don’t have any trouble with Shakespeare, just the people who don’t read Shakepeares work. I’m not a book snob, I’ll read anything, so don’t judge me for reading the Bard. Or Jude Deveraux. Or J.K. Rowling. Or Rick Riordan. Or any thing else for that matter because books are like water to me and I am but a plant drinking up the nourishment. I don’t care where the water comes from, just as long as it keeps me alive.

Constant vigilance you scurvy dogs.

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