The Serpent’s Shadow–Rick Riordan

The last book in the Kane Chronicles and it was really good. It finished in a surprising way and although some things I thought shouldn’t have happened, I’m kind of glad they did. It was weird, but cute.

Anyway, since I can’t tell you what I’m talking about there I’ll tell you this:

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the books to begin with, but I really do like coming back to books where I know the characters. It gives me this feeling of nostalgia and comfort that I don’t have to learn a million new names, dates, and places.

Although I wasn’t really into the Egyptian Gods in the last two books (I believe it was because I was also reading the Percy Jackson books too close to these ones.) this one really got me. I really enjoyed it and it’s definitely something I recommend for preteens and teens.

The Kane siblings are fighting for the world once more and Apophis is trying to obliterate the entire universe with his chaos. (Literally turning it into a black hole where nothing survives.) Sadie and Carter have to save the Gods, their friends, and their family. Not to mention the loves of their lives.

Well-written, well thought out, great characters and lots of historical figures that I thought were funny and represented hilariously and respectfully at the same time.


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