Eleven on Top–Janet Evanovich

In Eleven on Top Stephanie decides that enough is enough. She’s sick of being a bounty hunter, having things explode around her, getting shot at and overall being signed up to die on every gang, mob, and Mafioso’s black list. So she tries her hand at some new jobs.

There’s a “ghost” trying to kill her in this one. An enemy from her past is back and trying to scare the hell out of her and the clock is ticking for her death.

Bum, bum, baaaaah.

As always, I loved this one, I love the characters, I love the writing, I’m over the bloody moon about this series. It’s in my top favourite series (or I guess a serial since there really is no end in sight with 20 odd books about this character) and is right up there with Sookie Stackhouse, The Women of the Otherworld, and a bunch others.

* Starts cheering like a group of fans in the stands. *

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