Ten Big Ones–Janet Evanovich

Sexy times. Sexy times. Steph is running away from gangs in this one. Okay, that’s not the sexy part. The sexy part is that the only hideout she’s managed to be safe in is Rangers apartment. (That he allegedly doesn’t know she’s staying in.) Not even Morelli can keep her hidden so well.

Ten Big One’s actually gets a little scary at the end. But Steph holds her own and tries not to be a “bitch” while doing that.

Sally Sweet is back too! I was really happy to see him again, I love that character and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen or heard from him. Sally is still dressing in drag and playing with various bands, but during the day he’s trying to clean up his cursing because he drives a school bus and kids are repeating what he says.


Check it out. Constant vigilance.

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