Site Updates

Yesterday I realized that I haven’t updated my lists in awhile, so I spent a good half hour doing that so they are up to date! (You’re welcome.) Also, I added a few new pages since I had no where to put some of my newer books. Ie. Fifty Shades of Grey, since I don’t read enough Erotica for it to have its own section and I don’t read enough medical/forensic books for that to have its own section either.

This is where I formally denounce E.L. James and Kathy Reichs. (obviously not in the same level of being bad writers, but they each have their own faults, and I will hand it to Kathy Reichs for at least being able to write a decent book instead of atrocious. She really doesn’t deserve to be put next to E.L. James, but I didn’t enjoy her books as much as I tried. Too weighed down by jargon that she really missed the boat on the relationships and storyline.)

Hope you enjoy the newer stuff, the pictures I’ve been adding lately, and my random posts about my adventures. I also was reading my ‘About’ page and realized that I became a liar by accident. I meant to write my favourite quote from the book I’ve been reading on Friday’s, but somehow lost that idea in the shuffle. I will commence this week!

Any bad books that you think should be in The Trash Bin?

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