4 thoughts on “Not My Weasleys You B****!

    1. I assume it’s because it’s not a very strong gene. 😦 Red heads need to start breeding with each other in order for it to keep going! Blondes need to help too! Especially if they have hints of red! If we all band together we can save the Gingers!!! haha

      1. My sister the blonde married a Scott with brown hair but a red beard. This union produced my blonde nephew David & our amazing red, Katelyn Rose. Picture Merida from Brave only more wavy than curly. I personally find some gingers sexy, especially Damian Lewis.

      2. That’s my dream hair!!! I have some red in my hair, so I’m hellbent on finding myself a ginger husband haha. (Preferably of the Rupert Grint/Kevin McKidd variety.)

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