The Hobbit–J.R.R. Tolkien

Rare Nerd Alert.

I absolutely love The Hobbit. It’s one of my all-time favourite books and I’ve read it a bunch of times. Obviously it’s completely necessary for me to read this book again because the movie came out a few months ago.

I haven’t seen it, I’m so ashamed of myself. But at least I won’t be sitting next to some mouth breathing dungeon kid who will sit there telling me everything that wasn’t in the book. Instead, I will get to be that person. Hahaha.

It’s going to be awesome.

Anyways. I was supremely happy to reread this little treasure. I forgot half of what happens with so many books in my head. (Despicable, I know.) And I was happy to be surprised by the book once more. (Memory loss has its advantages sometimes. Doesn’t help me when I’m trying to learn something new, but whatever.)

Read this you sneaky fat little hobbitses.

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