Spider Bones–Kathy Reichs

Snoozer. Snoozefest. Snooze-attack.

I get it. You know medical terms. You know policies and procedures for running a forensic crime lab. You’re a Smarty Pants McGee. I get it.

On the other hand, B-ORING. The plot would’ve been so interesting and exciting if she just calmed the hell down on the policies and procedures of doing things. I understand that with these books you need to put in the medical stuff, it’s actually needed and I do like that.

Okay, so the storyline is that there’s a floater who accidentally killed himself by

Autoerotic asphyxiation. Interesting right? Then it so happens that this guy was supposed to be dead forty years ago. Keeps getting bizarre, eh? She keeps writing things in there that make this sound like an amazing book.

But she bogs it down so hard with technical stuff that I think the story gets lost.

This is my last Kathy Reichs book. I hate to give up on an author, especially since I love the show Bones so much, but I’ve tried, what? Five or six times? That’s more credit than I’ve given to most people I know in real life.

Constant vigilance. I snippity-snipped her from my life. Good-bye.

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