Heartwishes–Jude Deveraux

This was one of my favourites of Judes. I love when nerdy people get together with super hunky guys. It’s my favourite thing ever.

‘Heartwishes’ is about an old family, one of our favourites that we rarely see get the main screen, but is almost always related to someone in the background, that needs some things organized pertaining to their family history. Like 800 boxes of things; Old documents and the like. The person will be hired to work for a few years to get it all together and luckily for Gemma Ranford, she has a dissertation that needs to be written and thinks this would be the perfect opportunity to research.

There’s a family mystery that goes with the Fraziers, the legend goes that the women of the Frazier family get their ‘Heartwishes’ from a family jewel (that has gone missing) and anything they want so deep in their hearts happens.

Oh and the hunky lover boy in this is named Colin. And there’s an international jewel thief on the loose.

And it’s just amazing and I love it.

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