The Host–Stephanie Meyers

How embarrassing. I just read my old review of this and I refer to ‘Twilight’ as brilliant writing. *Hangs head in shame. * I was in my super early twenties when I read it. So don’t judge me. The movies suck, but the books were good.(Also, I sometimes write in a British accent.)

            THE HOST. RIGHT! That’s what we’re supposed to be talking about.

This book still holds up through the years of which I haven’t read it. (Reread it because the movie is coming out, obviously. I don’t read for fun, jeez.)

Anyway, so it’s about the end of world. OOoOooOooo scary stuff. Aliens take over our bodies and are called “Souls” and there is a rebel unit fighting for our humanity.

The Wanderer, one of the oldest souls that has been to the most places in all the worlds, is attached to a host called Melanie, who is a fighter. Wanderer can hear her in her head and Melanie is fighting to be heard and trying to kick Wanderer to the curb.

Fights, fears, tears, operations, etc. Everything you could want in a good book. Oh, and there’s a bunch of love stories going on, which is really nice. I love a good love story in with some science fiction. And before I go off on a Doctor Who rant again, I’ll end this post.

            Definitely recommend this for ages 16 and beyond.

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