Hamlet–William Shakespeare

Since watching Doctor Who I’ve been getting more into my historical figures and after seeing his episode with (no, not Shakespeare) Charles Dickens I remembered that I needed to read more classics. (That’s always the way with me.)

            So I took to Hamlet with a passion! (All my Charles Dickens book are in Ontario.) It’s short, sweet, and weird as hell. I was expecting that though since I’ve heard about it. Somehow I managed to avoid it in high school. (As I’ve said, because I was probably reading Lord of the Rings and had no time for real school books. Self-educated, don’t you know!)

            I really like reading Shakespeare because it has a certain poetry about it that I enjoy. Even if I understand only three quarters of it, it’s still so beautifully written. Plus I learn tons of new terms for things! None that I can think of off the top of my head right now, but they are there somewhere, waiting to be used and will pop up any minute.

            On the other hand, the Doctor gave some of Shakespeare his most famous lines. And Shakespeare hits on both Martha AND the Doctor.

            AND Shakespeare uses the term Expelliarmus with a little help from Martha. It was fantastic episode… I may be watching too much television in my current unemployed state. I think they are starting to become real people to me….I think that was an episode of Doctor Who actually…oh God.


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