Here’s my recently rediscovered heroine Candice Bergen:

“But, to my own surprise, I wasn’t much interested in marriage right then: my life was just beginning, not ending; I found I wasn’t ready to “live happily ever after.” Because once you find your prince, the story’s over. I had a lot to do first–places to go, people to see. I was too young to be closed in the castle. When marriage begins, life ends. Everyone knew that.”

Knock Wood by Candice Bergen (her autobiography)

See what I did in the title? Haha. Not only do I have to make the jokes I have to point them out so I can laugh with you. Murphy Brown joke! You didn’t watch her show as a kid wishing someday to be a reporter and fall in love with Frank?! What kind of childhood did you have?!

Who am I fighting with, I don’t know.

Constant vigilance!


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