The Hunger Games–Suzanne Collins

I. Friggin. Love. This. Book.

I read this book two years ago, reviewed it as awesome (you can look back further for the exact post since I have no idea how to link them.) and told you the basic plot of this book.

Well. After two years this book still holds up. I was excited to read it, pumped up even because I thought Catching Fire was coming out in March (ironically I need to learn how to read better) but found out that it’s coming out in November.

     I was getting all prepped for Catching Fire as I usually do when a favourite series is coming out with new movies.

            The funny thing is, I remember thinking to myself how much I love these books, how great the author is and how phenomenal the storyline is.

            Then how come I didn’t remember half the things that happened?! This book is crazy and it gets even crazier as the series goes on.

            Although, I kind of dragged things out because I knew what was going to happen to certain people and I would shut the book before it happened because I was scared that it would happen all over again and I would be devastated.

            Clearly it was going to happen anyway, but I like a strict sense of denial every once in awhile. Keep my pipes clean.

Enjoy this series again, I sure did.

Constant vigilance.

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