Mockingjay–Suzanne Collins

My last review of this book two years ago was absolute fan girl to the max.

            And it’s well deserved.

The love, the friendships, the heartbreak, the world, everything, everything in this series is beyond my imagination and it was so beautifully written out that I can’t help but think that this woman is from another world.

            I always get that feeling when I read a book that’s about another universe or time where things fall apart, that maybe, just enough magic is in the universe that people really are time travelers and they can come and go throughout space and time. (Doctor Who Alert.)

            She makes me feel like she actually lived through and survived that world. Panem really comes to life.

This book was so devastating to me that I had to set it down for about four days before I kept going. And the only thing that kept me going was knowing that if I started the series over again all of my beloved characters would be alive once more.

Constant vigilance, this series deserves it.

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