Return to Summerhouse–Jude Deveraux

The second in this “series”, I say it like that because it’s not the same characters it’s just the same place they go to, forced by a therapist who thinks it’s exactly what these ladies need.

            Again, it’s three women that visit the summerhouse and meet a mysterious Madame Zoya and her sister Primrose.

            The difference is (which I really liked about this one opposed to the first one) that all three women can go back to a place in time with each other. All three at once! That was a nice little twist. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but they get to go back in time to 18th century England where they get to help alter one of their ancestries in order for their life to be back on track.

            This one was interesting because I like reading how people lived back in the day. The weird things they thought were okay (like locking someone up in a room if they were sick. Hello, it’s called fresh air.) and what they wore and what kinds of different jobs there were.

            Plus this one was funny, definitely a good summer book/plane/train/automobile/travel book. As most of hers are.

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