Something Borrowed–Emily Giffin

Not a big fan of this. I’ve seen the movie and it was easier to relate to and like the character of Rachel because I love Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson has been bugging me lately. But in the books I just don’t get how someone could do that to a friend.

            The story is that Rachel falls in love with Darcy’s fiancé and they have an affair on Darcy’s birthday after getting drunk. Rude! Absolute scumbag even if he was falling out of love with Darcy.

            The weird thing is Rachel and him didn’t even know that they liked each other until they boned while they were drunk. Give me a break. A girl almost always knows when she likes someone. And if you are a real friend you wouldn’t even remotely let yourself think that way about your friends boyfriend, fiancé, or husband. Those men become Ken dolls to you.

    I know this because all of my friends’ boyfriends/fiancés/husbands are just that. People that keep my girls happy (That sounds dirty) and in love. No way would I ever look at them and be like “Well, there’s someone who’s sexy and now I shall plot a way to get him for myself.”

            Not that that’s what Rachel was doing. They were both completely innocent until they weren’t.

        I just don’t like how it all played out.

If anyone is to blame it’s Dexter. He was engaged to Darcy, he was in love with her, and he was the one who kept initiating things with Rachel; calling, sending flowers, sending emails saying that he can’t stop thinking about her and needed to see her. Cornering her in places that were totally inappropriate, like the beach house where Darcy was outside.

            Well you butt-faced miscreant if you love someone then you break up with the other person and do the right thing! You don’t drag it out and hurt everyone in the process! You come clean in the beginning and then go forth with stuff.

            Protocol people! Protocol!

If anything this book just made me mad even though the writing was decent.

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