Lean Mean Thirteen–Janet Evanovich

I’ve been through a lot with these characters. 13 books worth! Jeez Louise. Clearly you should be reading them.

   In all honesty, with the high stakes game that I play on Good Reads, these short and sweet books are my pinch hitters, my cheat sheets, and my all around sneaky sneaks when I’m falling behind.

   Okay, so I’m really only trying to beat my book count from last year (80 books) with a whopping five extra books. But these really help. Especially when you add on books like A Feast for Crows that take a million years to read and put you behind eight books!

…Anyway. This book is all about how Stephanie’s ex-husband and all around scumbag extraordinaire, Dickie Orr has gone missing. And since Stephanie attacked him the day before, she’s suspected in his disappearance and possible murder.

Pretty funny, as always.

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