Plum Spooky–Janet Evanovich

This one I went into pretty peeved at Janet. But in all honesty, I should’ve been mad at myself because I really should know how to read at this point. But when it comes to dust jackets and whatnot, I’m a skimmer.

    I’m assuming that at some point I “read” that it wasn’t necessary to read the Between the Numbers books, and you’ve read how mad that made me that I had spoilers hit me when I tried for Finger Lickin’ Fifteen.

So I had to find this book in my pile and start a new book after three seconds of reading the other one. Same characters, different story, but it still made me mad. Like I was in a different world and I couldn’t shake the feeling of being mad at myself for this.

So ridiculous. But I don’t say ‘Constant vigilance’ for nothing! Or maybe I did.

…THIS BOOK. RIGHT. Okay, so apparently there is a recurring male character that I’ve missed out on because I’m a dunce cap. He’s a strapping young man named Diesel who has some sort of supernatural ability. I don’t exactly know what and I felt like I was missing out this entire book on past things with him and Stephanie.

This book is basically the circus-gone wild (more wild) and running around a bog.

Read it, it was funny, and if you take any advice from me ever, it’s read the Between the Numbers while you go along.

I suck. Constant–… I can’t even finish it, I’m too ashamed.

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