New Saga

Hello my little birds:

I thought that I would start a new little saga on here. No i’m not writing about a book saga, sorry. (Well, eventually, don’t lose hope! I AM reading Eragon.)

I’ve recently found work WHILE looking for books. I think my little thrift stores that I go to are getting sick of my face and stealing all their wonderful books. So I stole away in the day after I had gotten my haircut (you didn’t need to know that, but it helps setting the scene.) and was just walking around being all foxy, when I found a sweet little shop that has books on for only 2 bucks a piece. Whether it be hardcover, paperback, or a little pamphlet (which is a little weird, but I’ll never buy a pamphlet) it’s all 2 dollars. SO, I was feeling a little homesick and looking at the shelves and low and behold: Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows is the next book I see. Home. Harry Potter always feels like home to me. So I pick it up and instantly feel better.

“I like this place.” I think to myself. It had a great vibe to it and I liked being in there, seeing all the treasures. And just as I’m about to walk out I see it: “We are taking resumes!” What in the world is this magical little store?! Gives me everything I need! AND I just so happened to have a resume on me because I have taken to wandering the streets in search of work.

AND GUESS WHAT. I met them, they liked me, I have a job.

Now, as you can imagine, in a thrift store, there are some characters that come in. And so far, I’m completely in love with them.

One man played some tunes on the harmonica for me today for a solid ten minutes. (Much to the chagrin of the baby next to me.)

And one lovely, gay gentleman told me that my boots were wonderful.

My point is: I’m going to be telling tales from now on about the kooky and wonderfully beautiful things that happen in our store.

I hope you enjoy this new telling of randomness, I know I’ll enjoy sharing!

I think I’ll just call it plain and simply: Thrift Store Saga.

Constant vigilance little ducks, and a Happy Fathers Day!

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