Real life vs. Fairy Tale

I’m becoming more and more aware that I live inside of books and movies and fairy tales and stories and television fantastical worlds. An example of this is the text I just sent to my friend:

“Do you ever look at your face and see something from a fairy tale in it?” to which she replied with a “Lol what?!”.

But as storybook and fairy tale and books fans in general you probably would understand this statement even more than most would.

The thing that I recognized upon looking at my lovely face was that I saw a kiss. Sure, that sounds nuts, but you know who else had a kiss? A special kiss, just there, in the corner of her mouth? Wendy. Wendy and Mrs. Darling. I believe in magic and wonderful things that most other people don’t.

And thankfully, I’m surrounded by people who don’t think I’m insane when I say things like that.

My friend (after I explained) said to me” I believe it.” Maybe I’m not the only girl who has seen the kiss in the corner of her mouth.

Magic prevails.

Constant vigilance. Peter Pan rules.

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