Knock Wood–Candice Bergen

Quite obviously I needed a Stephanie Plum break. Reading four books in a row was probably a bad idea, but I was in no mood for something other than hilarity.

   Luckily, I’ve snapped out of it and can resume my love of other books. You’ve seen my Book Hunting pictures, and some excerpts from this book before. This book was the FIRST of my ‘winner winner chicken dinner’s’ books. The FIRST book that I found that started my book-hunting craze.

And it was 25 goddamn cents.

Can you even believe it?! I can’t. This book was phenomenal. Worth way more than 25 cents and it changed my life.

You wouldn’t think that of a Hollywood autobiography, but it’s pretty obvious that she wrote this herself. This is before all the would-be autobiographies where people have someone co-write it. Call a spade a spade people and just let the other person write your book for you. You wangs.

Anyway, I’ve been a big admirer of Candice Bergen my entire life, ever since I saw her in Murphy Brown when I was a kid and became addicted to her sharp wit and ambition. Murphy Brown’s attitude makes up most of my personality. (At least in my mind.) So, when I stumbled across this book I was over the moon, but nothing compares to how I feel AFTER I finished it.

She has lived such an amazing life, from being the sister to a ventriloquists dummy (her dads) to riding trains in Walt Disney’s back yard, to being so close to death at the hands of Charles Mansons gang, and so many other things that I’m just too astounded to even articulate.

      If you are a girl in your mid-twenties, this book is for you, especially if you aren’t on the path of getting married and making babies. She made me feel so happy about my life and where I am going that for a blissful week and a half I forgot that everyone in my life is doing that and I’m battling the feelings of being left behind.

It was like she was writing it especially for me and it was so beautiful.

Constant vigilance paid off this time.

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