Thrift Store Saga: Canada Day Weekend

My life in this city is quickly turning from just hunting for books and reading them, to something so much more.

I’m taking an acting/chakra class which is really making a big difference, at least to me. I’m seeing people differently, acting a little differently, and trying to clear away all the negativity that usually clouds my head.

Now, in this time of fantasticness, there is my new job, which I’ve completely fallen in love with. I LOVE sorting through people’s old stuff. I love it. I’m addicted to it really. It’s like a never ending treasure hunt! I’m practically a friggen pirate! The downside is that I keep seeing things that I want. Luckily, I’ve only given in to buy two vases and about six books.

And in all this weird and wonderfulness, on my walk home the other day I was stopped by these two little girls selling lemonade. Normally I’d be like “No thank you. Lemonade from randoms is gross and I don’t want plain lemonade.” and then berate myself for not being nice to children, even if they aren’t blood related. I’d feel guilty for hours. (It’s a sickness, really.)

But I decided “You know what, it’s hot out and these kids are adorable. Yes. I would like some lemonade.” And these girls had two different kinds, I picked the pink kind, it had ice in it AND mint leaves. For a dollar! What in the what!

Such a good day!

The rest of my time was spent with either The Doctor, being devastated at losing Ten, and giddy at what a wonderful weirdo Eleven is, or with Jamie Fraser of Outlander.

Either way, I was in a time travel saga.

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