1st to Die–James Patterson

I use to watch this television show called Women’s Murder Club. I loved it, I loved Angie Harmon, she was amazing as Detective Lindsay Boxer and I just generally loved the whole vibe of the show. The premise being that four women from different sides of murder investigations get together and catch criminals.

Who knew they were books?!

Probably everyone who put time into the series and more than likely James Patterson had an inkling that they existed in book format.

The first book is about a killer (duh) that is murdering newlywed couples. And Lindsay is just starting to form the Women’s Murder Club with her friend who is a coroner and another woman who is a reporter that accidentally on purpose finds her way into the crime scene.

       Well written, great plot, awesome characters, and brilliant ending.

I laughed, I cried, it was better than…not Cats, I’ve never seen Cats. It’s better than an ACTUAL cat though.

…I need sleep. My apologies for all the weird posts lately.

Constant vigilance!

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