To Say a Little Word…

Here’s Odd Thomas:

“Things had happened this night that I had never experienced previously, moments of a supernatural nature that mystified me. They required a quality of reflection that I could not achieve while sprinting from mortal threat or verbally fencing with a sadistic police chief in a windowless room that resembled an abattoir.”

Odd Thomas, Odd Hours, Dean Koontz


-Can I just say that Dean Koontz writes in such a beautifully haunting way that sometimes (in this case) I don’t have a clue where the story is going or really what it’s about, but I like it anyway. I’ve read 235 pages of this book and I have no idea what Odd Thomas has to prevent from happening, but I know it’s major. And I’m just enjoying the writing so much that even if it has a horrible ending I’d still be like ‘Well, at least it was a beautiful journey.’

Constant vigilance!