Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates–Sean Cullen

Kiddy book time! I found this in a thrift store and thought to myself “Mac would like this! Time to see if it’s appropriate!” (Mac being my little cousin.) Definitely suggest this for kid around nine or ten, it was a pretty cute story. Hamish X is bounced from work house to work house and he has magic boots and a book on plumbing that his mother gave him.


            He ends up in a cheese factory working underneath a tyrant where he meets two new friends, Mimi and Parveen, one: a rough talking ass-kicking girl, two: a tiny Indian boy who has a penchant for inventing. Together they decide to break out of the cheese factory and head for greener pastures, until the Cheese Pirates strike that is. Then they must save all the other orphans and the lady who looks after them.


            It’s pretty funny, not much adult humour of course, which is fine. Good writing, good plot, kids will like it. Not on the scale of Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, but a good easy read.



The Velvet Promise–Jude Deveraux

What is up with the Jude Deveraux’s that I’ve come across lately? This is not on my list of favourites, which is disappointing because I love the Montgomery clan. I love that they are all big buff men with dark hair and always get surprised when a girl stands up to them for the first time. I love the contrasting personalities and the women they fall for.

            SO why didn’t I love this one?

Rape. That’s why I didn’t love it. Yes, during that time it happened a lot, even if they were married and it was the ladies “duty” to have sex with her husband whenever he wanted it. But come on, it’s still rape when she says “No”. No means no you 17th century prick!

       This guy was like the anti-hero and I just didn’t feel the love like I normally do. You know when you are reading and the characters are fighting because they don’t know they love each other yet?

     I just felt like these characters hated each other and didn’t love or understand each other at all. They didn’t click for me. Or were too dumb and let everyone influence everything that happened to them and it made me angry that they couldn’t trust each other. Then bam! Like ten pages from the end it’s all like ‘I love him! I love her!” and then it’s over. For most of the book they were fighting and barely tolerated each other!

            Gavin was in “love” with another woman and then had to marry Judith. The woman he loved (which I think was called Alice) was a manipulative bitch and I don’t believe that anyone could be so infatuated with someone and not see that. Unless of course they were just CHOOSING not to see it and that makes them a whole other level of ridiculous.

            Not my favourite book, not my favourite characters, and I barely got to see any love the couple had for each other and that’s not what I want in a romance novel. Thank God she has a million others to choose from!