Foul Play–Janet Evanovich

Holy super bad book Batman. Reading the back cover I should’ve expected it. But being Janet I thought I was in for something less corny and more…well written, I suppose. Well, a better plot at the very least. This was something that I would’ve written in high school to entertain myself in the middle of math class. Easy, light, stupidly funny, and a ridiculous premise.

            It’s about a childrens show clown that gets fired and replaced by a dancing chicken. That’s the main character. I have no words. THEN, a frazzled mess that she is locks her keys in her car, wanders around aimlessly in a grocery store knocking things over and forgetting that she left her wallet in the locked car. This is where the “hero” enters. He follows around this mess of a woman and eventually gives her a ride home, a new job, and falls in love with her while they solve the murder of the chicken.

That’s right.

The chicken DIES and she’s a suspect. AND IT’S A BIG DEAL.

This book is so dumb that it took me like forty five minutes to read and I couldn’t stop laughing at just how cornball it was.

I’m going to say this and take it with a grain of salt: I want you to read this book.

That’s right. If you just need a break from books with amazing plots and heavy artillery writing, and too many characters that you forget who half of them are, then read this bizarrely hilarious book. I was texting my best friend while reading it and I just need others to read it so that we can all have a good laugh together.

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