Girl With A Pearl Earring–Tracy Chevalier

I love her. Love, love, love Tracy Chevalier and her writing. I read Burning Bright a million years ago and I fell in love. Then I read Remarkable Creatures, and still, love. And now Girl with a Pearl Earring, admittedly I was a little worried since Scarlet Johansson played Griet in the movie, but this book was so beautiful.

            I always love books that have a little history mixed in and you can look at paintings and read stories about the characters in historical sites and things like that. This actually got me in interested in Vermeer and his work and I loved that Tracy worked it all in so nicely and had a little story for most of his paintings. Not to mention I really enjoyed this character and where the story went.

            Such a beautiful piece of art this book is and I’m so happy that I wasn’t disappointed with it. I can’t wait to read more of her books, I was over the moon about this one.

      Definitely read it if you haven’t already. Enlightens you.

9 thoughts on “Girl With A Pearl Earring–Tracy Chevalier

    • Such a beautiful book! I’m always scared when I read another of my favourite authors books because of what I call The Dan Brown Effect, they write so many good books and then just one stinker can ruin it. (Lost Symbol was a lot of bragging about his other books, so it put me off.)
      But Tracy does such a lovely job in all three of the books I’ve read of hers! Her words are like melodies, so great!

      • I know what you mean, especially with Dan Brown. I loved the DaVinci Code, then read two more and realized that his books are essentially the same, and was super disappointed. I had to stop because I didn’t want to totally hate him!

      • Looooved the Da Vinci Code. LOVED Angels and Demons, I like when history and religion and all that jazz are mixed into super awesome mystery/crimes thrillers where you are trying to help solve the puzzle. I read most of his books when Da Vinci Code came out and then was soooo pumped for The Lost Symbol and it was all like ‘I’m Robert Langdon and I’ve done a bunch of amazing things, remember when I *fill in story from other books*” I was just like FINE I GET IT. YOUR OTHER BOOKS WERE AWESOME! TELL ME ABOUT THIS BOOK DAMMIT!!!!

      • Yeah, I was so pissed off I left it in France. I rarely get viciously angry at an author, but I feel like I was completely bamboozled and betrayed when I was done. It’ll be awhile before I pick up another of his books.

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