Misery–Stephen King

I’m sorry I kept you waiting so long for this review. I put things in order of how I read them and I’m not always up to date just because I basically have a backlog of things I read in case of such books like Game of Thrones where it takes me weeks and weeks to read them. This way you’ll always have something from me to you to read about.

            But now! MISERY.

You read my reactions, you know that this book scared the hell out of me. Not in a scary like terrified for my own life kind of way, but more like stressing me the hell out. I FELT so much with this book that I barely got through it because I kept having to put it down and just go “Aaaahhh fuuuuuuuck.” Every other page. I was so convinced that he wasn’t going to get out of there! And at every turn Annie had him pinned down or another scheme to torture him.

I just can’t believe that this was in a persons head. I want to find Stephen King and give him a bear hug because this guy just…just…you know? Just. *exhales *

Great writing, great story, great everything and its mom.

Don’t read it alone.

Oh right, the plot. I should probably tell you a little more about that in case you haven’t read it.

    Paul Sheldon is a famous writer who gets into a car accident, then Annie finds him, sticks him in her trunk before anyone finds him, and “nurses” him back to health while he writes a new Misery book because she didn’t like how he had ended his series. Gets him addicted to painkillers.

Every writers worst nightmare is a crazed fan who would torture them with their own work. Annie takes it to the next degree where she leaves Paul with his busted up legs and pumps him full of drugs and then does things to torture him into writing.

Again, don’t read it alone.

14 thoughts on “Misery–Stephen King

    1. It was glued to my hand for days but I wasn’t reading it because I was so stressed about it! I read his “On Writing’ memoir and loved it, so now I’m trying to read all his classics, but I’m such a chicken that I have to space them out in my reading list or I’ll just be in a constant state of duress! haha

      1. Oh man ‘On Writing’ was so amazing! It was inspiring and also helped me a lot with my own writing. I’m such a Stephen King fan girl lol! Have you read the Dark Tower books?

      2. Not yet, it’s on The List. (Everything is on The List. The List won’t be over until far after I’m dead.)
        That book was the first that I read of his where I was like Whoa. Nail. Head. Hit it.

      3. Ahh you’re in for a treat then! 🙂 just make sure you have lots of time. I pretty much drop off the face of the earth for a week when I reread those!

      4. Haha will do! His next book on my list/shelf is Tommyknockers. I’ve been threatening to beat people with it because it’s so huge. There’s a thrift store nearby though that has a million of his books, so I’ll start hunting and gathering!

      5. I love that he’s been around so long that his books are in every used bookstore ever. 🙂 I’ve been working on collecting them all for my shelf and have been able to get them so cheap!

      6. It’s fantastic! I’ve spent thousands of dollars on books and now I’m like Where have thrift stores BEEN all my life! It’s my new favourite thing, I just had to buy a new bookshelf because I’m about to bust the one I have. haha

      7. Lol yeah my boyfriend and I just moved in together and between the two of us filled four bookshelves… Then we were like, well, we’re going to need more because as if we’re not going to keep buying them!

      8. hahahaha, this is only about 1/4 of the books that I own. I have I think two trunks and one bookshelf still in Arthur at my parents house. And when I lived at home you’d find books piled in the closet, and on my night stand and I had two shelves in my room. I better get writing and sell my own writing or I’m going to have a house made of books instead of having an awesome Beauty and the Beast library haha

      9. A house made of books would be awful! There’d be holes in the wall when you want to read lol! What do you like to write? 🙂

      10. It would the worst! All your books would get ruined, especially living in Canada! Snow and rain! Vancouver would kill my house! hahaha I love writing romance novels based on people I know. I’m working on right now, but I’m also editing the one loosely based on my life, and I want to start another like crime/thriller. I’m also writing a childrens book for my little cousins based on them living in Ontario and me living over here. AND a Y/A book. I need to pick one and just plow through it, but my attention span is so fleeting haha

      11. You’re a busy girl! Lol I have that problem too where I start something or get halfway through and then get a new idea and just have to start it while it’s fresh. 😛

      12. Haha, not even, I spend most of my time thinking I SHOULD be writing and then my brain goes ‘OOORRRR…’ and then I end up watching a tv series or reading.

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