Revisiting Old Enemies

One of my old classmates and current followers (which makes me feel a little like Loki whenever I say something like that) showed me this blog that does a recap, chapter through chapter, of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Now, if you were like me, and were tortured through the book you’ll think this is hysterical and it brings up old feelings of your rage and discontent with it while making you laugh. If you ACTUALLY (and I don’t see how) enjoyed and loved the book, this blog will piss you off.

If you are one of the lucky ones and have never read Fifty Shades of Grey and have no intention of doing so either but love to argue and debate about it anyways (which seriously, if you’ve never tried anything and hate on it, I don’t respect that in the least, sorry) then read this blog.

When I first reviewed/reacted to this book I couldn’t quite articulate what it was that I meant. There was something off about it and I couldn’t wrap my brain around why people liked it so much but why I couldn’t. It actually made me feel like something was wrong with ME! As is my wont to do if tonnes of people like something and I’m like Eh, what? You love it so much that you would do anything for it? (Sounds like all fandoms right, but I’m pretty sure Harry Potter has never gotten anyone smacked around. At least not outside of fiction.)

Jen brings up some amazing points that Ana is the absolute worst human being (always ragging on her friends when they are concerned about her) and that Christian is giving the warning signs of being a murderer. (Hello, buys zips ties and duct tape? Classic Dexter.) These are all thoughts that we’ve had (or at least should’ve had), but Jen puts it all into perspective and I like the way that she explains the new “rape culture” that we are living in and how some women are actually disappointed that their husbands don’t treat them like Christian treats Ana.

If anyone treated me how he treats her he would be getting a karate kick to his genitals and it would be the only time in my life that I would ever run 5k.

Very well written, well thought out, and articulates that which I could not. (That Ana thinks of what Christian is doing to her as abuse and not in the sexy actually-likes-it way that people really do in the BDSM world. SO this book is actually fairly insulting to them, and I’m finding myself being offended for them the second time this week.)

Read on, it’s hilarious and worth it:

This is why we need constant vigilance.

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