Safe Haven–Nicholas Sparks

I love a good romance. I love a good mystery. And when you slapped those two things together with the face of Josh Duhamel, you sir, have a friggin winner.

Okay, so obviously this book wasn’t based on Josh Duhamels face but after seeing a MILLION ads for it, it was hard to think of anyone else in the title role. Same with Julianna Hough, Heough? Whatever her last name is. She’s cute as a friggin button and I liked her in the movie, but the movie really made me angry.

My friends have been telling me for months to watch it, I finally got around to it after I read the book and was like WHAT?! WRONG!

Which always happens. I felt like the movie was seriously underdeveloped because the book was really good! But I guess you can’t really do voiceover dialogue of the people’s thoughts through the whole movie without making the audience want to die.

Anyway, so this book is about a girl who is…you know what, I’ll let you read it and find out because it really is a good book.

   Easy read, summer kind of book, gets a little nuts and I pretty well panicked throughout the last few chapters.

Homeward Bound

I’m extremely happy right now. So pumped to go home TOMORROW that I don’t even know what to do with myself. I have to work today, I need to pack, I need to clean my room and Doomsdays room and eat and sleep and dream wonderful dreams and dance and figure out how to attach my iPhone to the work radio because I seriously cannot listen to Lorde, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez anymore.

Seriously. What is with those songs being on every station on repeat??? It makes me want to find a gun and shoot the radio. Not the people because let’s be honest, I value my freedom. …And I genuinely like Miley Cyrus. …and I’m not a murderer. I swear.

Plus I’ve been watching Orange is the New Black and papa don’t need those kinds of problems.

Anyway, so since I’m going to be heading on home for two weeks (*screams because I get to see my dogs!*) my posts will be few and far between. Unless of course my family manages to piss me off within the first few days and then you’ll be seeing cries for help.

LUCKILY though, you get some new posts with Artie and his romance novels! I’ve missed those! I’ve missed him! I’ve missed Sweet Beshmee! AH! SO EXCITED!!!

*Stitch rolls around room*

See you soon Ontario! Constant vigilance!

Secret Chakra Names

Last week was the last of my beloved chakra classes (which explains why today I’m so grumpy since I didn’t get that weekly dance marathon like I’m use to. AND why yesterday I had this unexplained urge to exercise…) and since I’m such a self centered dweeb, instead of giving you a normal ‘To Say a Little Word…” from someone in a book I thought I would tell you a little story.

It’s called: “What I’ve secretly been calling the chakras”. A little wordy, but it makes me laugh so it’s worth it. At least to me. Maybe like, three other people. Ah well, enjoy.

What I’ve secretly been calling the Chakras:


First Chakra: The Root, located at the base of your spine. Connected to our sense of security in the world, survival, self-esteem, shelter and food. Element: Earth

What I call it: The Boom Boom.

Why: We had to ground ourselves and the imagery we used was mountains. I felt like in Hercules when the Titans are walking towards Olympus. Plus it’s located in your downstairs area. Your taint. It’s located near your taint. There I said it!

Second Chakra: Sacral, located in the curve of the sacrum. Connected to sexuality, sensuality, procreation, passion, emotion, pleasure and creativity. Element: Water

What I call it: The Waterbead

Why: We did this exercise where we had to make everything sound like a sexual innuendo in the poem that we had memorized. Waterbead was the absolute sexiest/sensual word that came out of my mouth and I didn’t stop laughing for a good ten minutes. Or blushing.

Third Chakra: Solar plexus, located in the upper stomach area just below the ribs. Connected to sense of personal power/ego. Where our energy comes from when we compete, protect, control, transform, and make choices. Element: Fire

What I call it: The Guts, or The Moon.

Why: Gut instincts. Pretty obvious there. The Moon because Missy had told us this story about someone who was suppose to be showing you the moon, telling you about its beauty, but it was stilted because the actress was showing you her showing you the moon instead of just the moon.

Fourth Chakra: Heart, located in the area of your heart. Connected to unconditional love, self love, compassion, acceptance, joy, unity with all living things. Center of the system, integrating body and mind. Element: Air.

What I call it: Super Bass

Why: Can’t you hear that boom ba doom boom boom ba doom boom bass? He got that super bass.

Fifth Chakra: Throat, bridge chakra that allows us to receive nurturance and permits us to express our deepest truths. Connected to creative energy, communication, and self-expression. Element: Sound

What I call it: The Sea Witch.

Why: For many years I’ve spoken quietly. My voice cuts in and out “randomly” and I basically lose my voice at the end of each day. Much like Ariel is cursed by Ursula.

Sixth Chakra: Brow, located just above and between your eyebrows. Connected to intuition, deep wisdom, clarity, the archetypes and spirituality. Element: Light.

What I call it: Cyclops.

Why: Because basically we were shooting lasers from our eyes.

Seventh Chakra: Crown, located just above the top of your head. Connection/gateway to the spirit world, consciousness and our life purpose. Here we feel and know that we are one with all that is, was, and will be. Element: Thought

What I call it: The Holy Ghost

Why: We did an exercise called Here, Near, Far. I think that’s what it was called…I was calling it The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. It was to express our poems, whether in full sentences or individual words and we had to decide what they meant to us and how close they were to us. Whether they were inside of us, just outside of us, or so far beyond us that they were practically untouchable. Hence The Holy Ghost.

Love and light and constant vigilance humanoids.


Eragon–Christopher Paolini

The tale of a young boy and his dragon. You would think that I would be super into it. I love heroic tales, I love dragon tales, and I love dragon tails. (Word play, get into it.)

   Maybe I’ve just read too many amazingly mind blowing fantasy books, but this wasn’t one of my favourites. I give it a solid 3 out of 5 because it was great writing, just not the story I wanted to be reading.

Naturally, I’ll still read the rest of the series because I’m just like that. But I get the feeling it’s going to be just a notch above Golden Compass. Where I didn’t want to keep going but I forced myself to finish them anyway because I’m OCD like that.

Truly meant for boys around the age of 12-16. Will definitely be passing these on to my little cousin.

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