Blurt Alert

Dobby is freeeeeee!!!!

I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. *happy dance*

This week was so lovely and cleansing! Admittedly, I cheated and looked at Facebook and texting because I’m planning a trip home and trying to coordinate with people so it made it difficult to cut it all out completely. BUT I think I busted my addiction to the following things:

Perez Hilton, Goodreads, Pinterest

And to an extent, Facebook, texting, and the constant need to be hilarious via Facebook statuses. But I did miss this site! I had so much to share and I couldn’t/wouldn’t give up on the peace it gave me to take a break!

I had to find new ways to start my morning instead of “reading the morning paper” type stuff, which was reading Perez, looking at dumb stuff on Pinterest, and berating myself for not reading faster and keeping up with my Goodreads weekly quota. We do this thing called Morning Pages, and it’s just writing down whatever comes out of your head when you first wake up. Mine are usually based around what I just dreamed about, how much I suck, what I have to do that day, or any manner of trying to quiet the boohooer in my head so I can enjoy the day. (Personally, I love reading about my dreams instead of the constant berating.)

My journal has new meaning to me now since it was my only form of outlet. I made lists of songs that I was singing to myself, wrote down more things that I was grateful for than just simply people or books, and just used it to dream about life again. (Haven’t done that since I was a kid. It’s normal form is just a worry-holder.)

I’ve lost five pounds this week. I read four books. I listened more. I opened up more to people. I spent so much time with Doomsday I’m sure she wants to kill me. I’ve been eating better and looking after my body more.

I stopped being a complete and utter drone/slave to the internet. AND IT WAS WONDERFUL.

But now I’m back. From outerspace. I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face.

Such a wonderful week!

And now for the headlines that couldn’t make it onto the interweb for you all to enjoy and commiserate about (In no particular order):

1) I dyed my hair brown and it’s a mess. I miss the blonde already and I’m changing it again tomorrow. Not that you care what I look like just as long as I’m funny. But I care dammit. I look like I have grey in my hair and it’s weird.

2)I’m getting more hours at the thrift store because I’m awesome and they are awesome and they love that I’m growing there and so do I!

3)David Duchovny pinched Doomsdays butt yesterday and she hated it.

4)Throat chakra has been the biggest eye opener for me (after sacral). I’m not a mouse. But tongue exercises are ridiculous and make me feel like a little kid.

5)Texting is a gateway drug.

6)I like laying on my bed in the morning and just thinking after I finish my pages.

7)Tuesdays with Morrie is a beautiful book and we should all read it.

8)I yelled across the street at a lady so that I could take a picture of her dog for my sister. I’ve never spoken to a stranger on the street unless I’ve bumped into them. Making big moves here, people.

9) Janet Evanovichs books are still super funny and I read two this week because I’m a dumby and started reading one and then discovered I hadn’t read the one before that.

10) I’ve missed music most of all. Nothing can replace it when you are sad, happy, scared, or just want to dance. Not even your own voice. (Although singing to myself helped a bit.)

11)My best friends dog died this week and she’ll be greatly missed. I’ve also been likening his pain to that of Frodo’s and I’m genuinely hoping that it’s been helping.

12)I’ve figured out what songs are in my heart and they are all awesome. (The songs that I have memorized are: Home-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Dream a little dream–Mamas and the Papas, U should know better–Robyn feat. Snoop Dogg, My Chick Bad–Ludacris [?], It’s my Life–Bon Jovi, and several, several, Disney songs.)

13)My prom date got engaged this week and that’s fantastic!

14)Piano teacher is coming to perform a show in Vancouver tomorrow and I’m excited/terrified as it’s new and scary and awesome all at the same time.

15)I talked to a lady with dreadlocks yesterday that were all colourful and amazing. Says I could totally have dreadlocks because her hair was just as thin as mine except now it’s just ten years worth of her hair on her head. Contemplating it. (Not really. I’d have short dreads and it would be horrible.)

16)Met an Asian lady who happily bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as her “souvenir” from Vancouver! She bowed to me when I told her it’s one of my favourite books and how much I love it. (Normally I don’t geek out with strangers.)

17)I’m so excited to go home and hug my dogs.

I’m happy it’s over and I’m happy about what I’ve gained from it and what I’ve let go from it. I won’t feel the need to constantly be on the internet or “checking” things just because I’m bored.

This has gotten crazy long, so I’ll leave it that for now! But I’ll update more this week! And you’ll get some quotes tomorrow. 🙂

Love and light and constant vigilance.

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