Thanks for the Memories–Cecelia Ahern

Another author that pretty well guarantees me a good book even if some of her endings piss me off.

            This is about a man who donates blood (he’s scared of needles so it’s a big deal) and then wants to know who his life saving gift went to. Then magic happens and he starts to run into this woman, she starts to know things that she’s never even heard of before, and things get awesomely crazy.

   But for me, it wasn’t the love story of these two characters that got me into the book. Sure, it’s lovely, and wonderful, and magical in its way, but what really got me was Joyce’s dad.

            He was a total sweetheart and just loved the most random things and got excited about a life he’s never lived and just adventured! He was great. (He didn’t die, I don’t know why I said ‘was’ like that.)

   I felt like the Doctor while reading this one because I was terrified that someone was going to die while I read this. Much like a Nicolas Sparks book, you just know that someone is going to bite the dust with a Cecelia Ahern.

   But just this once! Just this once everybody lives!!!


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