Safe Haven–Nicholas Sparks

I love a good romance. I love a good mystery. And when you slapped those two things together with the face of Josh Duhamel, you sir, have a friggin winner.

Okay, so obviously this book wasn’t based on Josh Duhamels face but after seeing a MILLION ads for it, it was hard to think of anyone else in the title role. Same with Julianna Hough, Heough? Whatever her last name is. She’s cute as a friggin button and I liked her in the movie, but the movie really made me angry.

My friends have been telling me for months to watch it, I finally got around to it after I read the book and was like WHAT?! WRONG!

Which always happens. I felt like the movie was seriously underdeveloped because the book was really good! But I guess you can’t really do voiceover dialogue of the people’s thoughts through the whole movie without making the audience want to die.

Anyway, so this book is about a girl who is…you know what, I’ll let you read it and find out because it really is a good book.

   Easy read, summer kind of book, gets a little nuts and I pretty well panicked throughout the last few chapters.

2 thoughts on “Safe Haven–Nicholas Sparks

    • Haha, it’s not as good, but that’s to be expected! All of my friends were like you are going to cry so hard! And I didn’t drop a tear just because I had read the book and was disappointed in the movie.

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