Laser Beam Leg

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having my first laser removal treatment for my tattoo. Being a fickle S.O.B. I’ve decided to remove some of it in order to add onto it.

Here’s the thing, people warn you that it hurts. Like reeeaaaally hurts. Hurts more than when you got the tattoo. What they don’t tell you is that it hurts like being hit by the fires of Mount Doom. I seriously had to hold my legs down because they were trying to escape of their own volition and/or trying to kick the poor girl who was laser beaming me.

Then on the third spot of her doing this (right between the eye. seriously.) I pulled back in order to clock her. Involuntarily of course. It was pure self preservation! She was hurting me, I would hurt her. Although punching is not nearly as painful as a laser. Obviously. (I hope you read that in Snape’s voice because that’s how I intended it. In fact, read everything from now on as though Alan Rickman is talking to you.)

This was all in a five minute span. Just so you are aware.

SO, I’m making a list of things that I think would be pretty on par with what I think it feels like, just in case you are ever thinking about it:

1)Being Viserys in Game of Thrones when Khal Drogo dumps the molten hot gold on his head. And thus killing him.

2)Becoming a vampire. Looks pretty painful.

3)Turning into a werewolf. I mean, your bones are shifting. Come on.

4) Frodo being poisoned by Shelob.

5)Being burnt with a thousand cigars in a concentrated area. And the cigars are covered in gasoline. And lava.

6)Being hit by Cyclops laser eyes. (Obvious)

7) Quirrel dying in Harry Potter.

8)Being under the Crucio spell. (Which ironically I was wearing my Crucio ring at the time!)

9)When Hermione is being cut into by Bellatrix.

10)How your heart feels when Fred dies.

Okay, I’m going to stop because this made me sad about Harry Potter out of nowhere.

Can’t wait for the next few sessions in a couple of months! (Not.)

Constant vigilance! (11 When Barty Crouch Jr is coming out of the Polyjuice potion haha Couldn’t resist.)


7 thoughts on “Laser Beam Leg

    1. I’m sure there was but I like the difficult route, makes me feel like I earned something hahaha…that and if one more asked me why I have an eye in my tattoo I was going to scream. Every person seems to think it’s their business to tell me their opinion on my tattoo and all they ever say is “Well, it’d be pretty…if it weren’t for this part.” I’ve actually had people scowl at it and others tell me how ugly they think it is. (Family included.) The whole point of the eye was that mine are the window to my soul. At least that use to be true. I’m much better at hiding things. I guess I’m still into symbolism though because I will literally burn it from my flesh in a symbolic gesture of “You can’t see me anymore.” …it’s been a sore spot for awhile now haha can you tell?

      1. Whew yeah! I bet it was cool though. People can be idiots when it comes to self expression. They criticize it, not realizing that it’s there for you, not what they think of you.

      2. I had to endure an entire Christmas Eve of two of my close family members ripping it apart in front of the whole family. Thankfully my cousin and aunt stood up for me. (Aunt Jane actually! 🙂 ) Only people I really trust can read my face now, it’s really funny because they can actually see me opening up as it’s happening, definitely something to do with my eyes. Someone once said to me ‘You’re very expressive, it’s subtle, but I see it.” And now I’m about to get all sneaky with my tattoo and hide all my loves in the ornate mirror I’m going to put around it. Omg. I just realized I’m making my leg into the Mirror of Erised. I don’t even realize it when I’m doing things related to Harry potter anymore. How fantastic! haha

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