Le Sigh

I’m broken. Seriously. Not literally, my body parts are all intact, my insides are all cool, but my braaaaain. My poor simple little schnook of a brain is broken.

And I know who the culprit is.


I’m a simple girl. I like straightforward stories, I like stories that mess with your mind with a twist ending, I like stories that are sweet and kind, stories that make me cringe and throw things, and scream and shout. I like to experience my books wholeheartedly.

You know this. I know this. Every one and their mom knows this.

Here’s the thing though: I also like a challenge. And what’s more fun than a book challenge?! Hello! GoodReads is pretty much my favourite game ever! I feel like if you read over 50 books a year they should seriously send you a prize. Like a puppy. Or at the very least some candy.

So you can understand my pain when I say that Trainspotting is busting up my neurons.

I’m about 100 pages in and I can’t tell you what the main characters name is, or really where I even THINK this story is going. I have to read it out loud in a Scottish accent in order to get through the window of the book where it becomes the movie in my mind.

Everyone says it’s hard to get into, but being a reading goddess I figured I would be able to get into it with only some difficulties. I’m not so vain as to think it wouldn’t be hard, I just figured I could handle it.

So, my plan of action is (because seriously I’m having a hard time reading J.K. Rowlings book The Cuckoo’s Calling because my brain is taking it one word at a time like I’m relearning how to read and she doesn’t deserve that.) to read an old book, get back on familiar ground and into reading again. Maybe finish Trainspotting in a few years. Or never since it’s basically made me want to give up on life.

What old books will I be reading? Well. After a two year absence from my favourite world I’m going to reread Order of the Phoenix. I made a promise that I wouldn’t read the books for five years after the last movie came out, but let’s be honest, I need Harry Potter right now.

Your ‘To Say a Little Word…’ quote today is sincerely ‘Constant vigilance!”

4 thoughts on “Le Sigh

    • I’ve never seen the movie but I had heard how screwed up it is. i appreciate the effort it must’ve taken to write the way he did, it must’ve been a battle for him to do it. But I don’t want to fight with it haha and it’s messed up my reading everything lately because I’m trying to get a grip on the English language again haha living worst.

    • The Scottish accent trick really only gets you so far. Then you just become an angry octopus and end up throwing it across the room. I feel like I’d have noooo idea what the end was about considering I could barely understand what was happening in the middle! haha. I’m going to give it another shot, for now it’s just sitting on my bookshelf mocking me.

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