Guts–Kristen Johnston

I am not a drug addict.

But I AM an addict. I’m addicted to books, Facebook, Pinterest, sewing, knitting, singing, and so many other things. Poutine. I’m addicted HARD to poutine. And pizza.

…I’m hungry.

Just because I’m not addicted to drugs does not mean that I’m not an addict. We’re ALL addicts.

That’s what I learned from this book.

Kristen Johnston is best known for her role as Sally in 3rd Rock from the Sun with Jo-Go, French Stewart and John Lithgow. And let me tell you, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be Sally. Rough and tough, weapons expert, give me a break! All except for her love of Don I was sold on. Although their love was pure and made me laugh.

   Anyway, she became a serious drug addict in real life and nearly died. And this is the first seriously honest book/biography/drug tale that I’ve read in awhile. She acknowledges everything in such a brash way and talks to you like you are sitting there with her. I can’t get over it, everyone needs to read this.

  It was great. I loved the way she told her story, the way that it was short and sweet and to the point, and that it made me rethink some things. Even made think about how I treat people with drug problems and things like that.

     I didn’t understand the NEED for drugs, I’ve never been a drug person, it’s never appealed to me (mostly because I know that I have an addictive personality to things that are simple and wouldn’t completely tear apart my life. Ie. The Sims.) and I figure that it’s something chemical that I just don’t have therefor I would likely be that person who tries cocaine once and my heart explodes.

 I just live in fear of stuff like that happening to me. So I avoid.

        The worst part about it is that lately (well, before I read this book.) I was treating people like they were beneath me because they were into that sort of thing. I didn’t want to be near them or their habit. I was being a complete asshole to people who were using as a recreational thing and that’s not okay.

  That would be like if they were sitting beside me while I played Sims and kept pressing the buttons, or if I was eating a poutine and they would tell me just how fat I was about to get.

This book actually made me rethink how inhumane I’ve been and I’m trying to rectify that.

Way to go Sally!

Constant vigilance.

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