Dragonfly in Amber–Diana Gabaldon

Screw you Diana Gabaldon you writing wizard you.

This book took me FOR-EVER to read. Or what feels like forever in my world, really it took like two weeks.

I still loved it, it was beautiful and you got to see Jamie and Claire try to live together and thwart the plans of Bonnie Prince Charlie while being his friend and confidante. Sneaky sneaky.

But by the end, because it took me so long to read, I just wanted it to be over! Which really depressed me because I love a good long book with characters that I really love and want to make babies with. … ..eh…heh heh.

       Then at the end she throws me a mother flippin’ curveball and I’m like dammit bitch! I wanted to read other books!!! Now I have to detox myself from these books and concentrate on others instead of just idly shutting the book and moving on!

I’m only a few books away from Voyager and it’s all I can think about right now.

2 thoughts on “Dragonfly in Amber–Diana Gabaldon

    • I know! I love them so much! My friend is upset that I keep griping about how long they are haha I appreciate them in all their glory, but I get so antsy sometimes when reading that all I can think is “You’re not reading fast enough!!!!” Dumbest thing to be in competition with myself for.

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