Sizzlin’ Sixteen-Janet Evanovich

Vinnie has gambled away his life. What else could we expect from such a major league screw up?

   He’s lost his wife, his business gets torched, he gets kidnapped and Stephanie is set to find him.

Lucky for us, this book isn’t too serious. (Aren’t they all like that?)

Mooner is back and in what I think is the best thing to happen to these books, he’s setting up Hobbitcon in Trenton and it’s beyond hilarious what happens at the end.

Nerds unite! I love it!

   As always, funny, ridiculous in a not corny way, and makes me feel good. I love that these books are so easy to get through and I often use them as a palette cleanser after some particularly long and hard books.

Looking at you Diana Gabaldon.

I can’t stress enough to get into these. They are awesome.

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