Book Hunting


I decided to take myself on a little artist date today and buys some books and supplies for making things later this week! Giant mess on my bed (and ignore my clean laundry pile) there’s some yarn for wash clothes, rocks for painting, crayons because I effin’ love colouring, and I bought a cactus just because! (I haven’t decided on a name yet, but you’ll know when I do. And yes. That’s a pumpkin scone in that paper bag. Mmmm…) Yay to books that are going to scare the pants off me before halloween! That’s Jeffrey Deaver book I found at the 18th and Ontario little outside library/chessboard where you can exchange books with strangers! I love it so much! I try to drop off books at least once a week since I discovered it!

5 thoughts on “Book Hunting

  1. If you’ve never read John Dies At The End, I definitely recommend as an awesome scare yourself book for Halloween. It’s hilarious and terrifying all at the same time. 🙂

    1. My sisters have both read it, I’ll have to ask them if I can handle it haha I like to scare myself, not traumatize myself. …although my stack of Stephen King books beg to differ haha.

      1. Lol it’s got such a good blend of humor in with the scary so in between the creepy parts you forget you’re creeped out. Sort of, lol. Also John Cheese is the best character ever in the history of best characters ever!

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