Tuesdays with Morrie–Mitch Albom

Just start crying. Right now! There is no way around it with this book.

It’s so beautiful I found myself crying because of its beauty. It was like fully appreciating a sunset. Or finding miracles where you never thought they would be. Like the simplicity of waking up, or having the ability to use all of your limbs. Or even just one for that matter.

After reading this I felt more connected to the world and so spiritual and loving.

This book is about Mitch Albom and his old professor Morrie. The gist of what happened was Morrie got sick, real sick. Dying sick. And Mitch would go visit him every Tuesday after a twenty year absence from his life. The rest you have to read for yourself. I’ve already given you a bunch of quotes from it, so you can see how beautiful it is in short bursts. But you have to read the whole thing to fully appreciate.

    It’s worth it. This is the second Mitch Albom book I’ve read that left me feeling so many emotions I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I went to my chakra class that week (after my classmate had told me to read it the week before and I just happened upon it in a thrift store) and just hugged him so tight because it changed me. There was no other way to express my full gratitude. It was so beautiful and everything that I really needed to hear at the time. I should read it once a month.

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