Three Blind Mice–Agatha Christie

I’m not going to lie to you: I don’t remember much of this book. I’m not a short story person. I’m just not. And when they have ridiculous murders and things like that I’m really not into it. Which is sad because I really thought that I would like Agatha Christie’s stuff.

            It’s kind of like meeting your hero and finding out they are a bit of a douchebag. I just found out that a writer that I thought I would love doesn’t inspire me much and isn’t a complete genius. Which really troubles me. I’m sure that I will find eventually one that I absolutely adore, but I’m not really into the “Whodunnit” kind of thing right now so I think that maybe in the future I’ll love something else of hers.

   This one starts out with a murder in a hotel, people are bitches, there’s a snowstorm, everyone thinks it was someone else and then it ….

Oh my God. Just as I’m writing about it I’m remembering what I read. THIS short story I liked because the ending blew my mind.

This just goes to show you that I shouldn’t review books months after reading them.

The rest of the short stories in there weren’t the greatest, but this one and the Tape Measure Murder one were pretty good.

I think I need to write “constant vigilance” on my bookshelf to remind myself to write these right after I read them.

But I can guarantee that things like Divergent and Stephen King books would just be a lot of screaming.

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