The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty–Anne Rice

*Fans self *

 This book is for my lovely dirty birds. Now, you know I love a good dirty joke, a good dirty story, and a well-written book.

 This didn’t have dirty jokes in it, but this book was really great! I kept seeing this book in thrift stores and I was wondering why this broad was naked on the cover (in a tasteful artsy way) and what exactly Anne Rice meant by “claiming”…

 Well. You find out. You find out within the first two pages. And then you just kind of stare with your mouth open throughout the entire book between bouts of laughter because you are an inexperienced child with an immaturity that makes it impossible for you to take something like this too seriously…


 Probably. BUT it was so well-written that I think from now on when I see that blooooooody Fifty Shades of Grey in a bookstore I’m going to find this Sleeping Beauty series and cover FSoG with SB because it’s B.S.

 FSoG is NOT erotica. It’s not. It’s not even BDSM. Not at least compared to Sleeping Beauty. This was boooonkers.

    The story is (obviously) about Sleeping Beauty, and the Prince busts into the castle and then wakes her up…with his penis. (I’m now laughing at the word ‘penis’. Because in my mind the way that I said that was like Captain Hammer…’The Hammer is my penis’. Don’t judge me! Watch Dr. Horrible!)

 He literally wakes up the princess by having sex with her and ending the curse. And then takes her to his castle where princesses and princes from all the realms are sex slaves to that realm.

 It’s dirty. Like waaaaaay dirtier than anything I’ve ever read. And it was fantastic because I was so impressed that it was written properly given the subject matter. It would’ve been really easy for Anne Rice to phone it in. But she didn’t and whoa. Just whoa.

4 thoughts on “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty–Anne Rice

  1. My reaction was quite similar, and I’m no stranger to BDSM stories. I laughed, cried and…well…kept the tissues handy. Very well written, for sure. Blows FSoG way waaaaaay out of the water!

    • I’ll add it to the list! Thanks! I really enjoy her writing, but sadly didn’t completely enjoy Interview with a Vampire, I’m hoping that her other stuff will be just as good as Sleeping Beauty.

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