Heart of Texas: Lonesome Cowboy & Texas Two-Step–Debbie Macomber

Ah romance. Aaaahh…COWBOY romance. My new favourite kind! I thought I would happily be stuck in a Scottish boy fantasy, but alas. Cowboys have lassoed my heart.

 Yeah. I just said that.

 So this guy, his name is Laredo, his truck breaks down (don’t they all) and he hitches a ride with Savannah Weston. Her parents are dead (aren’t they all) and she lives on a farm with her brother Grady, who happens to be miserable and pretending otherwise because he has shit to do. Their brother Richard, the scoundrel, ran off with the family inheritance, and the other two are holding on by their nails to keep the family farm running.

 Enter: Laredo.

 He’s helpful, handsome, and falls in love with Savannah. Then he does the unforgivable.

 I won’t tell you what it is because that’s a spoiler alert and I just won’t have those in a book I think you would enjoy if you are into romances.

 The second story in the book is all about Ellie Fraser, running the family feed store (happily) after her fathers death and counting on her friends to leave her alone so she can get through it.

 Enter: Glen. And Richard. That’s right, Richard, the thief comes back in the last story and tries to snatch money from his family and then trick Ellie into marrying him so he gets the feed stores profits.

 Thank goodness for bumbling Glen. A man who doesn’t even know he’s in love with is best friend. (Who is Ellie, btw.) So romantic I felt like a loser for days.

 Sigh. I need a boyfriend.

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